Herbal Allies For Anxiety

There are many types of anxiety. I wanted to share a few that can be friends in your healing journey.  For anxious stomach – Lavender oil pills are excellent. Health food stores usually carry them. Depending on dose take 1 a couple times a day if struggling with this long term. If its more acute…

5 Ways to Stay Sane in Today’s World

Todays world feels chaotic, out of control and too fast. Our bodies and minds are having a hard time keeping up. It can cause us to fall into depression or rise so quickly that we move into anxiety. It may feel like things are worst than ever and it can be hard to hold on…

Herbs for Stress

Stress is no fun and it seems its at every corner of our lives these days. Whether it’s our job, our family, friends, social events, the environment, politics etc. Stress doesn’t have to dominate our lives in facts it’s very important to manage it for long term health. Here are some of the herbs that…

How to bring the body back to balance after stress

Stress is too common in modern life. While our ancient ancestors were dealing more with acute stress (running from a lion) we are dealing with chronic stress. Chronic stress wears down our body over time. It’s important to get your body, mind and spirit back into coherence and out of the stress state for health…


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