Herbal Allies For Anxiety

There are many types of anxiety. I wanted to share a few that can be friends in your healing journey. 

For anxious stomach – Lavender oil pills are excellent. Health food stores usually carry them. Depending on dose take 1 a couple times a day if struggling with this long term. If its more acute and you’re feeling the butterflies just take as needed. 

For anxiety with heart palpitations: Motherwort. This can help ground the heart and make one feel more stable and settled. It is great if you are having excessive heat symptoms- like night sweats, reacting to spicy food, anger, irritability. If you are on heart medication you must talk to your doctor before taking Motherwort. 

Anxiety with depression – Lemon balm. Helps to sooth the herbs and uplift the spirits. Wonderful fresh as a tea. Try to get tincture that is made with the fresh plant material it is more potent. 

Feeling ungrounded: Vetiver essential oil or valerian tea. Helps to bring you back down to Earth. 

Rose is a gentle nervine. Wonderful as an essential oil or as a tea or tincture.

For general anxiety

Neroli essential oil can work wonders. It can be blended with bergamot to uplift mood as well. Apply to wrists a couple times a day and when needed. 

Lavender essential oil – great to put on the wrists, temple and also you can rub it on your stomach if your feeling butterflies. 

Passionflower – helps to make you feel calm and neutral. Tincture form is usually easiest. 

Chamomile – a gentle nervine that is great for children as well. Take as a tea. 

California poppy is also an excellent herb to calm or to promote sleep before bed. Take as tincture as the taste isn’t very good. 

Blue Vervain – VERY bitter, but powerful. Helps to relax the muscles, clear the mind and create space for calm. Bitter as a tea, but a taste we do not have enough of in modern society so it is a good one. However, if really cannot tolerate go for a tincture. 

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*Please check with your doctor before taking any herbs to make sure they are right for you. Especially if you are medications, as herbs can interact with drugs. 

A natural health practitioner can help you find the right herb for you. Self diagnosing isn’t recommended. 

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