5 Ways to Stay Sane in Today’s World

Todays world feels chaotic, out of control and too fast. Our bodies and minds are having a hard time keeping up. It can cause us to fall into depression or rise so quickly that we move into anxiety. It may feel like things are worst than ever and it can be hard to hold on to hope.

I get it, things are not easy. However, to put things into perspective. Life has never been easy. We are just exposed to more information, more data, more nonsense every day than ever before. 

Our grandparents didn’t have cellphones, TV, social media. They only had radios… A lot has changed and our nervous systems have not evolved fast enough to deal with the current gigantic shifts. 

Don’t feel bad. You are doing the best you can and there is nothing wrong with you. If you feel anxious, depressed or can’t keep up. Your feelings are natural to what is happening around you. What isn’t natural is the exposure our bodies, minds and souls are having to toxic information. 

It is so important what we put into our bodies. I think most of us have realized that now. We are what we eat. Our bodies feel good when we eat good and our bodies feel shitty when we eat poorly. 

Now the next step. 

What we watch, listen to also effects us in a big way. It is debatable which effects one more than the other. The body or the mind. What we watch and listen to impacts our consciousness which effects our emotions, thoughts and mood and this in turn effects our body. 

This is why in Ayurveda, when looking at health and well being one analyzes what one takes in through the senses (taste, sight, touch, hearing etc). What we take in through our senses effects us greatly. Human beings are incredibly subtle beings and things that you don’t think effect you, usually do. 

So… How to keep sane? How to keep your nervous system healthy and your mind and body balanced during this crazy drama?

This to shall pass

It is no mystery, meditation is good for you. Meditation is clearing and cleaning your mind from all the junk and connecting with your consciousness. I will write in another post about different mediations but for now, try different ones and see which one helps you. Meditation at first will not be easy, in fact it’s probably not what you think it is. 

If you do not have a practice you know of. The most simple (simple is most powerful) is to focus on the breath going in and out. Being totally present with it and whatever thoughts or feelings arise. If the mind gets distracted, come back to the breath. Always return to the breath. Set a timer for 3 minutes and build up daily to 20 mins. Try to do it in the morning to set a calm tone for the day. In the evening is nice as well to relax and settle the nervous system for deep sleep.


Watch your consciousness and what you expose yourself to like a watch dog. Be aware. Pay attention to what you are doing, what you are spending your time doing. Do you really want to be strolling on Facebook for 3 hours? Do you really want to be checking instagram right now? Do you really want to be judging someone right now? STOP and shift what you are doing. Awareness and the action, makes powerful changes. 

Being mindful, slows you down and when you slow down your pulse slows down, your breathing slows down and you feel calm. 


It’s simple. Don’t expose yourself to what doesn’t make you feel good. Most of what is on the news doesn’t effect you. And if it is really important I am sure you will find out from someone you know. Take a few days off from checking the news and see how you feel. I am sure it will be a massive improvement. 

If you want to take this a step further; don’t check social media for a day, just take a day off form connecting to other people ideas and thoughts and instead tune in to you and what you think and feel. 


Again simple. Move your body. Flush out those stress hormones. When our fight or fight is activated our liver chi gets stagnated and we are feel stuck and helpless with intense stress hormones like cortisol moving through our system. Aerobic exercise moves it out. 

Feeling depressed- an active workout like mountain biking, jogging, dancing, basketball, surfing, soccer; basically anything where you are going to sweat. 

Feeling anxious – yoga, chi gong, take a walk in nature, dance and move the energy out of your body with intention. Breathe deep= helps to calm the nervous system. 

5) Nature

Nature is medicine in whatever form you choose to connect with it. Whether through taking calming herbs like passionflower, skullcap, Kava Kava, Californian poppy or by spending time in nature. Hugging a tree, meditating in a forest or by a river, grounding yourself by walking barefoot. Sunbathing or going to the beach. 

When you feel you need to be mothered, mother nature is there. She is so full of beauty and love and has so many magical gifts to share with you. SLOW down and spend some time with her. You can thank me later. 

These tips are SIMPLE. Because when we are having a hard time it can feel overwhelming to do anything. Try one thing at a time, listen to your body and honour your spirit.

Much love to you.

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Get out there 🙂

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