Herbs for Stress

Stress is no fun and it seems its at every corner of our lives these days. Whether it’s our job, our family, friends, social events, the environment, politics etc. Stress doesn’t have to dominate our lives in facts it’s very important to manage it for long term health.

Photo by Ryanniel Masucol on Pexels.com

Here are some of the herbs that I have found to be the most useful for managing stress:

  1. Siberian Ginseng: This amazing powerhouse is from the tough, rough, extremes of Siberia. This plant helps your body adapt to changes and revitalizes your chi. It is energetically neutral, so people that run hot or cold can equally take it. It has help me and many of my clients recover from adrenal fatigue and burn out. It is important to note that although this herb can really help with stress, that it is not a substitute for life changes that may need to happen to dissipate the stress in your life.
  2. Rescue Remedy from Bach Flower Remedies: If facing shock, trauma, stress, intense fear or just feeling like your about to loose it, this amazing and powerful flower essence can do wonders! It has helped me during some of the most intense moments of my life; helping me to get calm, stay grounded and let the emotions pass. It can be taken for acute stress. If someone has gone though trauma for a long period of time it can be helpful to take it 3x’s a day for a couple weeks to a month to move the energetic pattern of the event out of the body.
  3. Passionflower and/or skullcap: I like to use these herbs together as I feel they compliment one another. Passionflower soothes the nervous system and skullcap calms the mind. They can help with sleep or increasing the potential for relaxation during the day. In the past when I had stressful meetings I had to attend I would take passionflower and skullcap in a tincture before and it helped to calm my nerves and make me feel more at peace.
  4. Ashwaganda: This herb has been getting a lot of attention lately and it is for good reason. It is a plant native to India and know for giving the strength of a 100 horses. It works as an adaptogen and so it gives energy if your body needs energy and calms the body if your body needs to relax. It helps to pacify Vata in the body. (Vata can be a cause of anxiety, nervousness and hyperactivity). It is best to take it in powered form with milk. However, capsules are common.
  5. Magnesium: I know this isn’t a herb but I wanted to include it anyway. Our modern diets are severely depleted of Magnesium. It’s an important mineral for heart and muscle health. It helps the muscles to relax and also relaxes the nervous system. You can take it during the day to help you feel calm. Taking it before bed can help to calm the mind and body so that you can fall asleep easier and deeper. In higher doses it acts as a laxative so make sure to check how much you are taking and ask your health practitioner what is the best dose for you.

Herbs can help us in many ways and it isn’t just by taking them internally. Spending time with plants, going into forests, gardens helps to soothe and relax our nervous system. If you are facing a lot of stress in your life, make spending time in nature a priority. Going into a forest is like an energetic bath, all of the chaotic and stressful energy just washes right off.

Take some deep breaths, take in life and let it flow through you.

Surrender, let go and realize what is yours to do and what is not yours to do.

A lot of the pressure we place on ourselves doesn’t need to be there.

Shift your focus, open your perception and gain a new perspective.

You can handle whatever you are going through.

It will be okay.

Much love dear friend, stay balanced.


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Please check with your health practitioner before taking any herbs or recommendations to make sure they are in alignment with your body. As well, check with them about the right dosage and method for you. We are all different and have different needs.

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