The Wild Journey Has Begun

The soft grasses intermingled with wildflowers tickle in between my toes as I parade through the meadow, jumping and spinning, taking in the beautiful scenery of the sun setting into dusk. The horizon embraces the warmth of the golden hue, an intimate exchange. I look outwards towards the forest, glimpsing the cedar trees that stand tall and firm by connecting with each other. Amongst them a large popular with branches that appear like an old soul with crooked bones. How wild, and how unique…


What I see inspires me. It reminds me that we are all connected, all a part of the natural world around us and when we connect to what gives us life, we thrive. Nature is us and it has the ability to heal us if we take the time to connect with it. Without Earth, Water, Fire and Air we do not exist and when we take advantage of it, we also take advantage of ourselves.

As a result of this relationship, I have created this platform as a place to share that which connects us with our body, mind and spirit. That food, especially wild food has the ability to remind us of our wild authenticity – who we really are deep inside. I will be sharing recipes for plant-based foods because plants, herbs and vegetables are so intimately connected with Mother Earth. They come right from her without an intermediary. Wild food and harvesting will also be a focus.

True healing comes, when we embrace ourselves and our environment in totality. That the elements that hold us together when balanced create harmony within us. This is one of the principles of Ayurveda and I will be incorporating this philosophy into everything that is offered by Nourish Me Wild.

The Spirit of the Earth is beating in our hearts and when we connect with our heart, we connect with the rhythm of the Earth. That there is no separation, only the illusion of it. That joy comes when we embrace our pain and heal ourselves with nourishment. Nourish Me Wild will be focused on Earth-based spirituality and healing and will share techniques and expressions of this mentality.

This platform focuses on wild foods, nutrient dense herbs, earth-based spirituality and Ayurveda. The principles are of non-violence, connectedness and compassion – all food gathered will be coming from a place of sustainability, organic, ethical harvesting and remembering to ‘take only what you need’.

Enjoy the journey, it will be a WILD one 🙂


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Facebook page: Nourish Me Wild – @nourishmewild

Instagram: @nourishmewild

Twitter: @nourishmewild





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